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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starting to Feel Okay

I'm deciding to distract myself from grading my papers (that I'm not recording anyway.. they are just pre-tests).

Things are slowly getting in to place and I'm getting in to the flow of things! Reading Intervention is going to be interesting though.. we split the whole 2nd grade by level, so I get various students (about 20-21). I get to cram these guys in to my room and.. yeh, not so sure about that haha. I also need to get use to Istation. I've never worked Istation before.. both places I interned at did SuccessMaker; I know it's probably the same thing though lol.

I am proud of two things today! One of my students got to the top of my dicipline chart (Star Bee) - he was SO happy. I marked his clip and told him do it two more times and he'll get an awesome colored clip (it's amazing how they are going crazy over that). I have a lot of kids close, but we'll see :). They have two more days.

The other thing I'm proud about is that we got to 4minutes today for Read to Self. I decided to push it (they only did 1min 30secs yesterday) and see what would happen.. but they did awesome! My squirmy one that usually can't stay still actually did really well. Made me super happy!

On a side note, sometimes I feel like I don't contribute enough to my team :(. However, I do know I'm very new and they know I'm just trying to get my feet on the ground (which I finally feel that I am!). I do send ideas though, so, I guess I do do something.

I should update this more, I just need time! I'm going to look at some other blogs for ideas :). I do have an idea for CHAMPs lines.. my little bunch is having a little difficulty, so I'm going to make a chart that if we get so many compliments (I'll tell teachers and staff that I'm doing it), I'll bring a treat. They seemed excited about that..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A long post! Long time no update~

Oh my has it been a busy week. I've been meaning to post but by the time I get home it's already after 6pm and all I want to do it relax. This'll be a long post since I have some pictures to post, but, oh well :D. I miss my teacher blogs.. I think one of my team mates teacher blogs too - not sure, but we both had this Chrysanthemum idea and I saw she got some ideas from this one blog I love lol.

I'll start with pictures with my classroom. It took me Monday-Sunday, 8am - 5pm every day to finish it, but it IS finished. I love it when people come in my room and are amazed by the simple fact of how organized it is. Apparently the teacher before me was not very organized (and I could tell).


The outside of my door :). It still makes me laugh that my supervising teacher and I have the same room number. I have to add a student to that..

My office - I love it now. Though it seems that the students think just because I was in there for a second they think I can't hear or see them.. silly boys and girls lol.

The view of my classroom from the back. I did want to do pods, but.. I'm glad I didn't and I'll talk about that later. The U shape is the best at the moment. I have to do a tech request and ask for a overhead projector. I'm also going to use my laptop (for whenever I'm signed up to Envision) to show the animation while they sit in the middle. My computers don't work at the moment.. and it would be too hard to crowd everyone around one.

My word wall - I should add some words to it, but.. just haven't gotten to it yet.

My cute "Ms. Miedema's Busy Bees" bulletin board :).

Our schedule :). I've revamped it slightly. That whole time for math is a bit too long.. their math lessons really aren't very long. So, right after lunch (along with a lot of the other 2nd grade teachers), I take them out for about 10-15 minutes for recess. It's too hot to stay out longer than that anyway.

Oh.. how I dislike my computers. I hope they replace mine! lmao, they said our goal this year was to get our technology boosted up.

My cabnits and cubbies :). I plan to put their book boxes underneath their backpacks. I was thinking above, but realized they wouldn't be able to reach them. So, the bottom is the only other place I can think of.. there's not room in my classroom otherwise.

My other bulletin board. This is where they'll make their lunch choice (lunch from home or buying lunch). I decided I would do the lunch count though lol.

The view from the front of my classroom. I'm satisfied with it, so that's what matters in the end haha.

My first day... it was insane, fun and exciting, along with extremely stressful. I got to the school early to try and attempt to do some last minute setting up. That turned out to be futile since they let the parents come up early (earlier than 8:10) and I just felt like a mess. When I began teaching, I just felt so.. all over the place. There was soo much to cover and I wasn't sure if I was covering it all. I just felt like a mess.

Some of the teachers started straight into the curriculum, but I decided to deviate and just make it a fun day. Most of the reading was going over rules, procedures, making our own rules and all that great, exciting stuff. After that, I had them do "self portraits" - of course they liked that.. they seem to always want to color and draw lmao.

The rest of the day was just math bingo, a racing math game and just little fun things here and there. I was a little late to lunch, but they are very flexible there. My one team mate told me yesterday that if he ever beat me or I beat someone else, that it's no problem. I had maybe 10 minutes to scarf down a sandwich, check my e-mail really fast before getting them again.

Late to specials too.. that was a mess. Lmao. Pretty much everything was. I was told that the Science special was the first portable on the right. So, I went to that one and it was the wrong one; it was S.S.M.A.R.T Zone; Science was the next portable over. Oh well, I learned that lesson pretty quick LOL. I also left my badge inside which was absolutely stupid of me. I couldn't get back inside (they lock the doors and you need to swipe your card- it's because we are just off the highway) so.. I had to ask this teacher who was at the playground to let me in. Sooo sad hahaha.

Dismissal probably was the most stressful part of all. I was ASSUMING that there would be bells announcing when the bus riders go, walkers, and ect. since both schools I interned at had that. Well, apparently we don't! I was looking at the clock and wondering why nothing was happening. I decided to send my children out to their spots but of course, some weren't listening. Thankfully they found their groups.. I had car duty with two of my other team mates. And holy crap.. it's just WAY too hot outside. I just watch the kids and tell them to watch for their cars.

All in all, it was good. Everyone seemed to check up on me which was nice.. my team leader came up to my classroom; looked inside and went "Well, must of been okay at least - no dead bodies, so that's good". That still makes me crack up.

This went 10x smoother! I felt a lot more confident.. I also remembered to send down my 12day count folder, so I felt very accomplished lmao! This is when I really realized who my talkers were. In the end, I had about three people move their clip down since I couldn't stand it anymore. I can at least say they were not happy about that. However, now I have students running to me every time they do a good thing to move their clip up LOL. I do have several people that moved their clip up but I told them they can't if they ask me. So cute.

At the end of the day I had to move a lot of people since I knew I couldn't sit certain people by others. I did some of the curriculum that day but I'm just a little frustrated since I don't have access to any of this material at my house or anything (like online). I asked the tech guy about it but.. really didn't get a response; told my mentor who in turn told someone else who I know will definitely get it done for me. It's just VERY frustrating when I don't have everything I need..

Again, even better. Though I am feeling a bit frustrated about my class. They like to talk whenever there is a moment of silence or when we are transitioning into a new subject. I'm not really sure how to fix that.. it gets REALLY annoying when I'm trying to teach and some decide it's okay to talk. I do get on them about it but .. I'm not sure what to do. Especially with one of my students. She just.. keeps getting up, walking around, asking me odd questions (like if she could bring her cousin in to babysit) and just not doing her work. I told my staff about it and they said they'll do something about it.

I also made every child put their own pencil sharpeners in to their backpack and told them to take them home. I found pencil shavings on my floor and they aren't suppose to have them in the first place. Some of them didn't want to, but I knew who had them, so, they didn't get away from me haha.

My principal is arranging me (and probably the other two new teachers) to observe a Kindergarten classroom who apparently has great classroom management that she really wants me to see and observe. I'm all for it since I always have room to learn. Us new teachers also met with the CRT and Reading Coach after school which was great in the end. There were some tears LOL - not from me, even though at one point I did tear up. They told us that we need to believe we are good and that our principal truly thought we have the potential to be great. That kind of got to me since it made me feel good. That you know, she saw something in me and that she chose us over all those other people.

Got my profolios today.. I have to test my children to see their reading levels and such now. That's gonna be fun lol. I have to think what to have my kids do while I'm doing that. Blah. Haha.

Well. This was LONG enough. I would go look at some teacher blogs, but, meh, it's time to just relax. Though.. I might try and find an activity dealing with vowels and consonants. My students seemed to have a really hard time distinguishing them today when we were doing the Chrysanthemum worksheet. It surprised me really, so I think I need to work on that..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Time No Post!

I want to apologize for not updating for a long time! I have been so busy with setting up my classroom, meetings and just trying to figure out what I'm going to do that I feel my head is just spinning! It's not fun being lost but I know things will get much better.. the first week is always different, so, I'm not going to stress.

Tomorrow (Sunday), I'm going to finish everything I need to finish :). Only a few things are left. I'm not going to worry too much about my centers right now since I won't get to them for quite a while (due to the fact I have to explain them and such for a few weeks first).

I'll post the finishing product tomorrow :). I'm revamping my week a little bit from the others. However, I remember being told it's doubtful you'll get to any lesson the first day.. plus, I really don't want to just dive in to the curriculum on the first day. I plan to do fun stuff! It's all about connecting and such.

It's time to sleep. Another early and long day tomorrow!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally; My Classroom

Before my update, I so happy to have 5 followers! :).

I realized it's been a bit since I've updated, so I thought while I have the free time I would update it now. I had Great Beginnings these last two days, which was an all day event, so by the time I got home, I really didn't want to do much else! It was informational but some of the stuff I could do without lol. I think I've been pounded with the Code of Ethics more than enough..

I was able to get in to my classroom this past Wednesday :). I managed to organize some things around since there was just a lot to go through (more than I remember!). It's funny though, I thought I was set, but now I realize there are still a few more things I need to buy! Not anything big.. but for example, some pencil holders, a homework/turn work in boxes (though I know better to get them at teacher stores.. simply get them at Target or something lol).. just really small stuff that I plan to get today!

So, let me share some of my photos.


So, right when you walk in - there's my classroom! It's a lot bigger than I thought it was. To your right is the teacher's office.

Here's the teacher's office! I wasn't a fan at first, but I'm liking it more and more each day. It just gives me a space to be organized..

Another angel of my classroom.

This was the big pile of STUFF I had to go through. I wasn't the happiest person since it was just a mess. I'm missing topic 1 of my envision math so I have to ask if they have an extra :/.


So! Here's the teacher's office! I wasn't going to use the filing cabnit at first but I realized it.. I could definitely use it lol.

The organized bookshelf.. I'm glad they gave me two! One will be used for all the books (even though my library is very small..)

Here's a view from the back after rearranging stuff. I still have to put the tables where I want them, but I didnt have enough time.

Um; yeh, that's the fiance who was being a total dork. But that's my teacher's table - I plan to put the word wall right behind me :).


I was going to keep the "U" shape but I think I'm actually going to try pods. Place five kids together in four groups. I just want to try it out.. if it doesn't work, I can just turn it right back in to a "U" :).

Today I'll be doing some final shopping with my sister and fiance - then start to make some things. I have an idea for my schedule (that is still unknown to me but I can at least make a skeleton of it) and some other things. I have no idea if Citrus is a huge AR school or not.. I don't think they are, but I do have a very cute idea for it.

Well.. that's it for today! I'll probably post stuff tomorrow :).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worried and Stressed

I'm hitting a few bumps in the road and it's causing me to worry a little bit.

I got a call from the secretary at Citrus telling me that my fingerprints weren't cleared due to some of them not being clear enough. I would have to get them redone. Unfortunately, the ELC only does fingerprints from 7am - 8am and it was 7:30am when I got the call. Takes me at least 30mins to get there.. so it wasn't going to happen today but I'm definitely going tomorrow.

I'm going to ask them, if possible, to rush these prints because they are costing me time. I'll also ask that someone make SURE they are good before leaving.

Next week, I only have one day (Tuesday) for me to set my classroom up before Meet the Teacher on Thursday. I want to at least get SOME things up so it looks half-way decent for the few parents that do come. Then I'll have Saturday/Sunday (20th-21st) to finish the rest.

Gotta hate it when kinks are thrown at you. But, I'm always up for a challenge.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wiki Page

I'm starting to really like how I made this blog - I have so many ideas running in my head, it's nice to just get them down - even if my blog seems a bit scatter-brained lmao.

Another idea I wanted to put down - a wikipage. I'm not sure if the school will have me do a page on their system or whatever, but if not, I would do a wikipage. I started working on it a few weeks ago and then kind of got busy with other things lol. I just want to have something parents can go to and find everything they need from what we are doing that day, worksheets, reminders and ect.

I'm going to take a small break though and go to the gym. I'm overwhelming myself a bit too much! Haha.

Telling Time

I got this idea from Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons. It's there great cut outs for telling time, clocks and just markers for a clock. I absolutely loved it and I am glad she shared it!

These are clock numbers that I plan to put around a clock. I'm going to see if I can use the clock faces she uses too as a decoration for the classroom or maybe for a bulletin board for the future :).