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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starting to Feel Okay

I'm deciding to distract myself from grading my papers (that I'm not recording anyway.. they are just pre-tests).

Things are slowly getting in to place and I'm getting in to the flow of things! Reading Intervention is going to be interesting though.. we split the whole 2nd grade by level, so I get various students (about 20-21). I get to cram these guys in to my room and.. yeh, not so sure about that haha. I also need to get use to Istation. I've never worked Istation before.. both places I interned at did SuccessMaker; I know it's probably the same thing though lol.

I am proud of two things today! One of my students got to the top of my dicipline chart (Star Bee) - he was SO happy. I marked his clip and told him do it two more times and he'll get an awesome colored clip (it's amazing how they are going crazy over that). I have a lot of kids close, but we'll see :). They have two more days.

The other thing I'm proud about is that we got to 4minutes today for Read to Self. I decided to push it (they only did 1min 30secs yesterday) and see what would happen.. but they did awesome! My squirmy one that usually can't stay still actually did really well. Made me super happy!

On a side note, sometimes I feel like I don't contribute enough to my team :(. However, I do know I'm very new and they know I'm just trying to get my feet on the ground (which I finally feel that I am!). I do send ideas though, so, I guess I do do something.

I should update this more, I just need time! I'm going to look at some other blogs for ideas :). I do have an idea for CHAMPs lines.. my little bunch is having a little difficulty, so I'm going to make a chart that if we get so many compliments (I'll tell teachers and staff that I'm doing it), I'll bring a treat. They seemed excited about that..

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  1. The first few weeks are always the hardest. The kids are testing you to see if you really mean what you say and you are not only learning how to just keep your head above water but also how to swim. I am sure that your team is not worried about your lack of contributions, they have all been beginning teachers and they know that for the first year (or couple years) we all take way more than we give so no worries in that area. Great job on the building stamina, the worst thing you can do is rush that. Take your time with it, they will continue to get better at it.